hunterfoss designs pricing and services

For each project, Hunter Foss Design will:

• Work with the Client at the beginning of the project
• Prepare estimates and time lines
• Coordinate the project with the Client
• Team selection, if needed, of experienced, knowledgeable professionals for assignment
• Execute concepts, designs, and layouts
• Copywriting/editing (if required)
• Photo shoot coordination and art direction (if required)
• On-site presence as required
• Client meetings
• Act as liaison to the Client during each phase of the project
• Communicate with all involved parties during all phases of the project
• Manage all vendor activity: printing and/or mail house, print estimating and buying, maintaining design and press schedules and attending press approvals
• Ensure that printed materials are delivered
• Problem resolution as necessary


The Design Process:

All Clients are Responsible for:
1.) Proofreading
2.) All copy supplied via disk/email
3.) Artwork/Images

The ideal designer and client relationship resides in confidence and trust of ability and execution. What makes a working relationship so effective is planning and maintaining a production schedule throughout a project and doing periodic checks to make sure all project goals are being accomplished.

Each project is managed and organized in a sequential series of events. It is anticipated that the process for working with each Client will be as follows and when needed:

1. Concept Development Stage: Hunter Foss Design will work with the Client to develop the creative concept that will initiate or further define the Client’s Brand. This Design Stage will result in the creation of up to three solid design treatments. The components of the design are presented for initial client reaction and discussion.

2. The Layout Stage: will begin with the agreed direction, as discussed in Stage 1 and final approved copy.

Photography/illustrations and graphics will be produced. A layout (1st client Page Proof ) will be produced as a printed comprehensive or a pdf file to get a look and feel for the copy and art in place for the component. Comments, edits, and alterations are expected at this stage to fine-tune the design stage into reality.

With text comments and layout comments incorporated, a refined final pdf (2nd client Page Proof) will be presented for approval, prior to the print production process. Minor tweaks to the copy and nudges to the design, etc., are expected at this stage.

3. The Production Stage: takes the computer files to a disk-ready stage. All specs will be coordinated well in advance, i.e., budget, quantity, size, shipping, etc.

Artwork: Custom illustrations and/or royalty-free stock photography will be coordinated throughout the design. Final decisions will be based on need and budget. Costs will be discussed at the Initial Design presentation for planning purposes.


Out-of-Pocket Expenses: (Possible additional expenses always to be approved by Client before incurring)

First Client meeting & 1 hr consultation is Free of charge.

Additional Client meetings & consultations are billed hourly at $45 per hour.

Additional research & project development time is billed hourly at $100 per hour.

Royalty Free Stock High Resolution Photos from stock house or in-house library: $100.00 minimum per image or illustration

Royalty Free Stock Low Resolution Photos from stock house in-house library: $50.00 minimum per photo

Reuse Fees for Images 25–200% of original.

Second uses may be more expensive than the first.

Licensed Photographers or Illustrators are sub-contracted and billed according to their rates

Overnight couriers & messengers will be billed additionally at 15%

Design fees cover the original design time to create the artistic files.

Copyrights to original art are sold separately, including rights to print or electronic display, reproduction, distribution, derivative or performance.

Returning purchasers contact: for additional orders